150 fishing vessels “catch” 15 tons of plastic every month: The Ministry of Maritime Affairs supports “Enaleia” in its action for a sustainable marine ecosystem

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy supports the social enterprise “Enaleia” mainly through its supervision over the ports. It’s in the ports where the first process of sorting and temporary storage of plastics and other objects takes place, that the fishing boats were able to “fish” out of our seas.

Following this cooperation, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Shipping Mr. Evangelos Kyriazopoulos met, this time at the fish ladder of Keratsini, with the inspirer of this initiative Mr. Lefteris Arapakis, as well as with fishermen and members of “Enaleia”, with the aim to “appreciate” the “fishing” process of the last 2 days.

The “catch” was indeed rich in quantity and variety, with hundreds of plastic bottles and nets fished from the bottom of the sea. These nets are the worst for the marine environment as they often also trap small and large mammals and fish, which is indeed unnecessary and destructive to the marine environment. Finally, the catch of the last 2 days contained inter alia a fire hose, cables, cables, chains while older catches also entailed an internal combustion engine thrown to the bottom of the sea, probably from a yacht.

“Enaleia” was founded and is based in Greece since 2016, with a vision of a sustainable marine environment. Their biggest action is the Mediterranean Cleanup, a collaboration with 150 professional fishing boats from all over the country, with which they VOLUNTARILY collect plastic from the seabed in the most efficient way ever implemented in Greece. They currently clean 15 tons of plastic every month.

Then, in collaboration with Greek recycling companies, half of this material is recycled locally, while the other half is re-integrated into the circular economy. In particular, the plastic PETs (plastic bottles) are given to the Spanish fashion company Ecoalf, which transforms them into clothing, while the collected nets are given to the environmental organization HealthySeas, which ensures that they will be transformed into new products such as swimwear and socks.

It is emphasized that Mr. Lefteris Arapakis, was awarded as Young Champion of the Earth for 2020, by the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment), which is the largest environmental distinction for people 18-30 given by the United Nations.

The Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy supports and will support environmental actions, such as “Enaleia”, aimed at the sea and its protection to fulfill the common vision for a sustainable marine ecosystem.

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